About Us
Chocolates Industriales is conformed by people with more than 20 years of experience in the production and product commercialization derived from cocoa. In 2003, we initiated the stage of elaboration in Argentina in a modern industrial plant of 4000 m2 located in a strategic point of Buenos Aires city.

We thus entered to a complex and competitive market with an only objective raised throughout all our activities: the quality.For this, we have conformed a team of professionals with solid experience to develop novelties and products in accordance to the necessities of our clients. Honesty, puntuality and commitment are added to our basic postulates to achieve the success.

In Chocolates Industriales , we trust in the potential creative of each one of the members of the company, thus we bet to maintain growth through our philosophy of work to the insertion of our products in the different sectors of the national market like also in outer markets.
Industrial Plant: Gral. Manuel N. Savio 2750 San Martín, Bs. As. Tel: 4724-2232 / 4724-0444 Email: info@chocolatesindustriales.com